Does registering for the network also mean registering for the Annual Meeting?

Nope. First you become a member of the network by registering at our site. Once you become a member, then you can book for a seat in the annual meeting.

How much is the membership fee?

There is no fee to pay for the membership as this is a non-profit network not a society. That may change soon, though.

I am not a medical doctor but I work in the field. Can I become a member?

Only the medical doctors are qualified as a member. However, if you are working within the local organizing committee or a member of our sponsors, you are welcome to join. Once, the circumstances change, we kindly ask you to delete your membership.

I don’t live in Nordic countries. Can I join the Network?

Unfortunately, you cannot unless you are one of our invited speakers.

I have booked for the event, but now changed my mind. How can I cancel my reservation?

If the deadline for the final booking is not already due, you can directly cancel your reservations either from the booking page or My Bookings

If the booking is closed, then you need to contact the local organizers using the dedicated contact address (Contact Us)

Who is organizing the Annual Meeting?

We have a meeting every spring. Each year in an another country. The host country is selected among the volunteers two years in advance by the Steering Committee members.

Who qualifies as a member?

Anybody who practices medicine in the field of Fetal Medicine or related specialities and residing in one of the Nordic countries can apply for membership. If we don’t know you already, you should know somebody that we know – e.g. a member of our Steering Committee, who is the representative of your country.

Why can’t I see or access some menu items or pages?

Some parts of the website are for the members and requires logging in.