Annual NNFM Meeting in Stockholm

4-5 May 2022 – Stockholm, Sweden

Registration opens in January 2022

Are you already a member?

In order to be able to book (fees apply), you need to be a member of the NNFM. Check if you could log in – if you cannot, please register or contact us.

Important: If you have recieved your membership before May 2019, you need to register as a member again (if you have not done it already) as we have rebuilt our site from scratch including the members’  registry. For registration you need a special code from your local NNFM representative

Past Meetings

Once a year in spring many of us get together for networking

It all started in Copenhagen early in 2015 by the valuable efforts of Bo, Karin and Peter. We have around 110-130 participants each time.

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