Progressive Web Application

Our website functions as a progressive web application (PWA). PWA is a hybrid of normal web site and a mobile app, and offers the flexibility of the web with the experience of a native application like e.g. offline browsing, notifications and full screen.

How to Install

In android devices, the chrome browser prompts you to add the app to your home screen when you first visit the homepage. However, should this fail, you can install it manually using the following guides.

Chrome browser (Android)

While you are at the home page or any other page according to your liking, choose the menu item (three dots at the upper navigation bar), then SELECT the menu item ADD TO HOME SCREEN. Thereafter an icon off the app will be added to your home screen.

Safari browser (iOs)

When you are at the home page, choose the download icon  at the lower edge of your screen. Then, select the add to home screen as in the following image:

Notifications (Chrome and firefox)

At the lower left part of your screen you will see the notification icon. First it is not active. If you opt in, the icon will change 

Whenever you want to opt out, you can turn this bell icon off. In addition, everytime when you clear your browser’s cache (memory) the notifications turns off and you need to opt in again if you want.

We use notifications only to remind our subscribers of the new postings in blog or news sections, new additions to the website or essential changes in program during our annual meetings. Occasionally, we might remind you to clear your browser’s cache or to reinstall the web app so you could stay up to date.