Nordic Network of Fetal Medicine

A network of medical professionals located in Nordic and Baltic countries and working in the field of fetal maternal medicine, genetics and pediatric pathology. We put the patient at the center of care.

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We have produced valuable  guidelines and tutorials for you

Some documents are open to public. Private documents and lectures are downloadable only by our members.


Myelomeningocele, congenital diaphragmatic hernia.

Patient info

Brief summary of some rare diseases and related tretment options and centers.


Selected lectures from network’s annual meetings, and some other occasions.


Referral guidelines, treatment and follow-up instructions.


Recommendations related to diagnosis, management and follow-up.


Referral forms, scientific programs, treatment centers worldwide.

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If you are a medical doctor and involved in fetal maternal medicine, prenatal diagnostics, genetics or pediatric pathology and located in one of our network’s member countries, you might well be interested in joining us.