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    Frequently Asked Questions

    You still don’t have an answer? Please contact us.

    How to book?

    First you register as a member of the network at our site. Once you become a member, then you can book for a seat in the annual meeting.

    How much do I pay?

    There is no fee for the membership as this is a non-profit network, not a society. 

    But I am not a doctor?

    Only the medical doctors are eligible for membership. However, if you are working within the local organizing committee or a member of our sponsors, please do contact us in person. 

    But I don’t live in North?

    Unfortunately, if you are not working in one of our member countries, you can not apply for membership. The only exception is if you are one of our invited speakers.

    Who organizes the Meeting?

    We have an annual meeting every spring. The host country is selected from the volunteers two years in advance by the Steering Committee.

    How do I apply?

    If you don’t know the webmaster personally, you need to give us a reference, or use an official email address of your institute. Indeed, you must be a medical doctor or pH student.